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Making Popcorn, The Fun Way

Use latest AI achievements to prepare your popcorn. Never again worry about burnt kernels

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Popcorn Expert - Key Features

Sophisticated AI algorithms analyze popcorn making sounds and alert when it's best time to stop the microwave

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  • Measures time and counts popped kernels

  • Soundwave visualization

  • Speed gauge showing popping speed in pops per minute

  • Beeps when the popcorn is ready

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  • Learn new popcorn making tips

  • Join the Popcorn Expert community and share your experience

  • Collect experience points and achievements to unlock more features!

Dark Mode

Dark Mode theme is available. Whenever you want to switch to the Dark Side just turn it on in the menu

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Download the app now

Download the app now and start your popcorn party


Compete with friends

Earn experience points with each popped kernel, compare results with others, unlock awesome badges!

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Here's what Popcorn Expert users say

Paul Suzikov

Does exactly what it says. Make sure to point your phone's microphone (on the bottom usually) towards the microwave and listen for the app to beep! Pro tip: microwave a cup of water for a minute before putting in your popcorn for softer popcorn!

Joanne McNeill

A great tool that leads to near perfect popcorn every time!

Jose Pieternella

Works extremely well! Usually only between 4-10 unpopped kernels using this app.